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Twelve Circles      Yuri Andrukhovych

How to Walk Away      Lisa Birman

Martha's Mandala        Martha Oliver-Smith

Talking To The Dead       Rachel Hadas

There Where You Do Not Think To Be Thinking      Charles Stein

The Broken House     Tom La Farge

The True Patriot    Gloria Frym

The Art of the Serial Poem     Rich Blevins

Fleurs du mal      Charles Baudelaire   tr. Eric Gans

The Butterfly       Michael Rumaker

Life in Peacetime     Bhisham Bherwami

The Monk    Martin Nakell

And Kings Shall be thy Nursing Fathers     Marc Estrin

Lifeline Rule     Doug Nufer

This Amazing Cage of Light       Martine Bellen

The Octagon & other poems        Michael Sweeney

Unremitting Entrance      Janelle Adsit

Sevlesmeht & the Birds      t thilleman

Aftersight      Rebecca Goodman

Winter Journey     Halvard Johnson

Shedding & Shimmering      Joseph Cooper

Non-Novels     j/j hastain

The Color Mill     Nathlie Provosty & Robert Kelly

The Desert Poems of Southern California        Martin Nakell

Death     Fred Skolnik

Village Portrait Project    Jon Goldman
































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