"A rabid girlhood of hybrid understanding, a quiet body yearning to express itself, and a wilderness of adults with mixed intentions."

          Natalie Scenters-Zapico

"The letters start to resonate, not just jumping off points, but sounds that rhythmically fight for stretches, of humanity, humility on the hill ahead."

      Vincent Katz

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A further selection of forthcoming titles




     Sarah Heady


Routines/ Goodbyes


     Hael Lopez

     tr. Ariel Francisco


Embodied Unconscious: the feminine space of sexuality, surrealism, and experimentation in literature

     C.M. Chady


Rare Stuff

     Brett Ashley Kaplan


The Observant

     Ravi Mangla


The Bulgarian Psychiatrist

     Thomas McGonigle


Forgotten Night

     Rebecca Goodman


















     Steve Katz


The Mute Children

     Lily Hoang


Casting a Spell in Spring:

Selected Poems of Alexander Xaver Gwerder

   trans. Marc Vincenz


It's No Puzzle

     Cris Mazza


Treading Water, Icebergs

     Annie Goold


Bringing Back the Fire

     Kimberly Becker


and again I heard the stars

     Christie Towers



     Heather Woods