"A compelling mix of critical theory and personal remembrances..."

                                                        Lambda Literary

"What appear to be loosely woven pieces of philosophy and bits of untold historical drama have a way of revealing something elemental about human perception and the art of storytelling itself."

                                                                      Zone 3

"Notes focuses on those energies in art that enact image spaces and spatiotemporal alterations in which life is never quite what it seems to be."

                                                                                                  Brendan Moran

"This is a treasure, a caravanserai of a book, erudite, personal, enlightening."

                                                                               Anne Waldman

"...an astringent perspective on post-feminism, late capitalism, global unemployment, and the overall ennui of males who have yet to find traction in a chaotic Zeitgeist."

                                                 Good Times, Santa Cruz

It’s rare to be so enmeshed in reading a novel, and rarer still in one whose sentences you covet, whose words are like precious stones.

                                                                                  Vincent Katz

Jordan Blum speaks with Spryszak about Edju, Thrice Fiction, the debate over paying/non-paying journals, the world of surrealist writing, music, and much more.

                                                       Cover to Cover podcast

“...these beautifully constructed stories—profound, humane, dark, and yet illuminated by love and belief in humanity—bring us into the heart of the global catastrophes facing our species and our planet today.”

                                                             Amy Wilentz

“So rich, so plentiful in terms of its rhythms, emotions, images, transitions, its subtlety. A very giving novel, a lot for the reader, this reader to think on.”

                                                                                                  Norma Cole

Dispatches Editions




Danish Literature in translation series


Roots & Branches Series

A selection of forthcoming titles



Prompt Book

     Barbara Henning


The Water Draft

     Alexandria Peary



     Brenna Womer


Beauty, Money, Luck, etc. for Beginners

    Anne Gorrick


Letters from the Junta

     Ezekial Black
















The Three Taos of Tao

     Marc Vincenz


My First Satyrnalia

     Michael Rumaker


Go Tell It to the Emperor

     Pierluigi Cappello

     (Tr. Todd Portnowitz)


Shelter in Place

     Catherine Kyle


The Disappearance of Fate

     Joseph Donahue







Light & Power

     Larry Kearney


No Balloons

     Robert Zola Christensen

     (Tr. Nina Sokol)


St. John's Rose Slumber

     David Need


Early Snow

     Frank Koenegracht

Trans Sarah Hart, Koenraad Kuiper