A young girl with a mystical bend explores the vast arrangement of the stars. She looks toward the heavens for angels, a sense of her own destiny. She becomes a cartographer of sorts, shaping constellations of her own, mapping the sky with words. We were not yet twenty when we met, and though much time has past, I can still picture us. She with her cropped hair and boatneck shirt and myself in school-girl black, reveling in literature, fashion, and rock n’ roll.

                               from the foreword by Patti Smith

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Prompt Book

     Barbara Henning



     Kristina Marie Darling


Vagrant (one) in thin air

     Karen Garthe


The Reconception of Marie

     Teresa Carmody


The Returns

     Florencia Varela


The History of America in My Lifetime

     Brooks Sterritt


i, john de conqueror

     John Gavin White



     Biswamit Dwibedy


If You Can

     Jason Daniels







The Three Taos of Tao

     Marc Vincenz


Marshmallow Whiskey

     Steve Katz


Hallelujah Science

     Kelli Stevens Kane


Mapping the Tribe

     Salgado Maranhao

         trans. by Alexis Levitin


The Bed Book

     Kimberly Becker


The Starveling

     Cecil Bodker


in which I take myself hostage

     Erik Fuhrer


Ire Land (A Faery Tale)

     Elisabeth Sheffield



     bart plantenga