Delivered on the fine line between the ludic and the sublime, Sine Wave is ultimately concerned with a woman whose music ushers her through life and death...

For five decades, Quasha has fearlessly and lucidly in poetry, essays, anthologies and interviews built a poetics of radical utterance, a poetry of the word unleashed from melody, set free from number—into pure saying.

                                           Robert Kelly

Shelter in Place is a warning, a slap in the face, a kick in the ass, a pre-apocalyptic prayer, a guide to action where “agency” equals “lullaby elegy power.”

                                Kara Dorris

Provocative, haunting, dreamlike, these poems model a suffusion of presences unlike anything else in contemporary poetry.

                                  Elizabeth Robinson

Eva Skrande’s wonderful poems arise from a tradition which might be termed transpersonal or subpersonal.

                                Bill Knott

Riveting—and outraging—The Boy Who Listened to Paintings is a warmly brilliant memoir of adolescence and mental health to inspire all of us.

         Molly Peacock

"This masterpiece reads like a grand parable.”

                          Joachim Mols

"In the recurring dream, Merton in mufti doesn’t expect me here, where the red sun is always diving into the Kentucky nob."

What the orphan finds is not perhaps his own people but a deep history, a telling and re-telling of bodies of water, trees and their shadows, ancestors around tables, earth light; these are the things that make the circling shape of voice.

                                        Eleni Sikelianos

Brenna Womer breaks all the rules except the most important one: to tell your own truth unswervingly, in the best way you know how, no matter what.

                                      Matt Bell

From one of Italy’s most widely read and deeply treasured poets: an essential collection of verse, selected from all five of his major works, bringing this unique, mesmerizing voice to an English-speaking audience for the first time.

Disoriented by culture shock, preyed upon by ghosts from a haunted past, Marty falsifies his résumé to become manager of a fleabag hotel.


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Norman Finkelstein

He is a man in the prime of his life, yet still everything seems to be falling apart. His problems begin when he has intercourse with a Russian student in the Muslim prayer room at the University.

Koenegracht’s verses are unpredictable and that is exactly his strength.

                          Rudy Kousboek

Partly is a wonderland greenhouse that Jack built and then allowed us to enter and it glows like a signal that means human beings can be great observers and creators of beauty and fun, all because of what exists.

                                Bernadette Mayer

Kelly is the best and necessary kind of poetic voice—incandescent, powerful, genuine, and brilliantly funny.

                Richard Martin


Money stuns and delights in its sampling and juxtaposition. Imagine Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit upgraded to the era of #FakeNews.

             William Lessard

"A riveting story that is at once shattering and wildly engaging."

           Lisa Lutz

"In a world that often feels hopeless, Panepinto makes you want to believe."

                    Robert Walicki

"The body politic is sick, and the mad military leader narrating these poems is its demented head of state."

                                           Brian Henry

"...but can they not also see my enormous bulk? Butch heart pumping opus dragging tankard legs along the roads on which I walk?"

El Misterio Nadal is weird, funny, thoroughly documented, and ‘gets’ Bolaño perfectly.

                     Chris Andrews

It’s about false endings and true beginnings and all the jagged mysteries that attend the human journey.

                             Laird Hunt

"...That’s why sometimes it pays to be crazy.”

“unflinching and heartfelt . . . . Then, there gives us Newark, if Newark were home.”

      Annie Liontas

A selection of forthcoming titles



Prompt Book

     Barbara Henning


The Water Draft

     Alexandria Peary


science fiction fiction

     connie mae concepción oliver


Apocalypse Contemporary:

A Sequence-By-Sequence Overview On

Sharon Doubiago’s Naked to the Earth

     Doren Robbins


Unfinished Child

     Lindsey Warren





















The Three Taos of Tao

     Marc Vincenz


The Disappearance of Fate

     Joseph Donahue



     Ann Tracy



     Anne Waldman


Spill Ink On It

     Jennifer Jazz







Light & Power

     Larry Kearney



     Bill Lavender


Selected Poems

     Janet Hamill



     Biswamit Dwibedy


The Divine Comic

     Leslie Simon


The Accident : An Account

     Anne de Marcken