Roots & Branches Series

A selection of forthcoming titles



The Hillsboro Story

     Susan Banyas


Prompt Book

     Barbara Henning


The Water Draft

     Alexandria Peary



     Brenna Womer


Beauty, Money, Luck, etc. for Beginners

    Anne Gorrick


Letters from the Junta

     Ezekial Black














Arabia (Not So) Deserta

     Pierre Joris


The Three Taos of Tao

     Marc Vincenz


My First Satyrnalia

     Michael Rumaker


Go Tell It to the Emperor

     Pierluigi Cappello

     (Tr. Todd Portnowitz)


Shelter in Place

     Catherine Kyle





where i come from the fish have souls

     lisa panepinto


Light & Power

     Larry Kearney


No Balloons

     Robert Zola Christensen

     (Tr. Nina Sokol)