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Ukrainian Literature in translation


   Intelligence and composure are the roots;

     Humility and conscientiousness the stem.

   Honesty and stable promises are the branches;

     Gratitude and altruistic endeavor the leaves.

   Devotion and generosity are the flowers;

     Happiness and illustriousness the ripened fruit.


                  The Great Mipham Rinpoche


Poem by Oleksandr Irvanets

           "З міста, що ракетами розтрощене..."

Literary and Historical Sources for Understanding Ukraine:

A Recommended Reading List by Michael Naydan

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Embodied Unconscious: the feminine space of sexuality, surrealism, and experimentation in literature

     C.M. Chady


Narrow Escapes

     Louise Nayer



     Meghan Lamb


Snow Drifts

     Deven Philbrick



     Paige Menton


Saints of the Republic

     Chip Livingston



     ali lanzetta





























     Steve Katz


The Mute Children

     Lily Hoang


Casting a Spell in Spring:

Selected Poems of Alexander Xaver Gwerder

   trans. Marc Vincenz


It's No Puzzle

     Cris Mazza



     Heather Woods



     Biswamit Dwibedy


Blood to Purify the World

     Amy Bobeda