Money stuns and delights in its sampling and juxtaposition. Imagine Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit upgraded to the era of #FakeNews.

             William Lessard

"A riveting story that is at once shattering and wildly engaging."

           Lisa Lutz

"In a world that often feels hopeless, Panepinto makes you want to believe."

                    Robert Walicki

"The body politic is sick, and the mad military leader narrating these poems is its demented head of state."

                                           Brian Henry

"...but can they not also see my enormous bulk? Butch heart pumping opus dragging tankard legs along the roads on which I walk?"

El Misterio Nadal is weird, funny, thoroughly documented, and ‘gets’ Bolaño perfectly.

                     Chris Andrews

It’s about false endings and true beginnings and all the jagged mysteries that attend the human journey.

                             Laird Hunt

"...That’s why sometimes it pays to be crazy.”

“unflinching and heartfelt . . . . Then, there gives us Newark, if Newark were home.”

      Annie Liontas

"This masterpiece reads like a grand parable.”

                          Joachim Mols


A selection of forthcoming titles



Prompt Book

     Barbara Henning


The Water Draft

     Alexandria Peary



     Brenna Womer


Bone Argot

    Eva Skrande


Blue Stoop

     Zack O'Neil


science fiction-fiction

     connie mae oliver


Apocalypse Contemporary:

A Sequence-By-Sequence Overview On

Sharon Doubiago’s Naked to the Earth

     Doren Robbins




















The Three Taos of Tao

     Marc Vincenz


My First Satyrnalia

     Michael Rumaker


Go Tell It to the Emperor

     Pierluigi Cappello

     Tr. Todd Portnowitz


Shelter in Place

     Catherine Kyle


The Disappearance of Fate

     Joseph Donahue



     Ann Tracy



     Anne Waldman







Light & Power

     Larry Kearney


No Balloons

     Robert Zola Christensen

     Tr. Nina Sokol


St. John's Rose Slumber

     David Need


Early Snow

     Frank Koenegracht

Tr. Sarah Hart, Koenraad Kuiper



     Bill Lavender


Many Appetites

     Jason Gordon


Life Sentence

     rob mclennan