Threesome (Florry of Washington Heights, Wier & Pouce, Swanny's Ways)

     Steve Katz

My First Satyrnalia

     Michael Rumaker


     Peter Valente

Why She Loved Him

     Sharon Doubiago

Facade for a Penny Arcade

     James Reiss

The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket

     intro by Richard Blevins

     Edgar Allan Poe

Top Boy

     M. G. Stephens

Kid Coole

     M.G. Stephens

Fire Curtain

     Larry Kearney

Taxi Night

     Cliff Fyman

Lighter Than Air

     Valery Oisteanu

Bruising Continents

     Claudia Savage

Universal Fall Precautions

     Sunnylyn Thibodeaux

Therapy with Antigone and the Trilogy Verses

     G. F. Zaimis

The Camperdown Elm

     Wendy Walker

Large Floating Objects

     Halvard Johnson

Lighter Than Air

     Valery Oisteanu

Notes Toward An M(F)A In Non-Poetry

     Chris Stroffolino