El Misterio Nadal (Purportedly Compiled

and with Introduction by Roberto Bolaño)

     Eds. Isabel Quiroga and Jorge Mosconi   Tr. A.B.


Water Log

     Hugo Clemente

     tr. by Peter Kahn



     Katie Jean Shinkle



     C. C. Hannett


Hubble Gardener

    Biswamit Dwibedy


Just Like That

     Barb Henning


Ozark Crows

     Carolyn Guinzio


Of All Places In This Place Of All Places

     Joe Milazzo


Damaged Seeking Same

     CL Bledsoe


The Birth and Death of Girl

     Zoë Etkin


the stove is off at home

     Shawnie Hamer


Take Out Delivery

     Paul Siegell


Buffalo Trace

   Mary Cappello, James Morrison, Jean Walton


my radius, a small stone

     Brad Vogler


The Paper Coast

     Jefferson Navicky


The hauntRoad

     Karen Garthe


The Naked World

     Irina Mashinski


The Irrelevant Self

     John Estes


Water For The Cactus Woman

     Christine Stoddard


If Beauty Has To Hide

     Dave Brennan


A Free Man

     Lewis Warsh


Taxi Night

     Cliff Fyman


The Three Taos of Tao

     Marc Vincenz


A History of Zero & Alter Fictions

     Martin Nakell


Threesome (Florry of Washington Heights, Wier & Pouce, Swanny's Ways)

     Steve Katz


My First Satyrnalia

     Michael Rumaker



     Heather Wilder Woods



    Biswamit Dwibedy