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Danish Literature in translation series

Roots & Branches Series

Lewis Warsh

A selection of forthcoming titles



The Hillsboro Story

     Susan Banyas


Sly Bang

     Larissa Shmailo


Prompt Book

     Barbara Henning









Arabia (Not So) Deserta

     Pierre Joris


A Free Man

     Lewis Warsh


The Three Taos of Tao

     Marc Vincenz



     Steve Katz


My First Satyrnalia

     Michael Rumaker


Go Tell It to the Emperor

Pierluigi Cappello

(Tr. Todd Portnowitz)





This Will Destroy You

     Pedram Navab


The Boy Who Listened to Paintings

   Dean Kostos


Light & Power

     Larry Kearney


Sugar Factory

     Emily Wallis Hughes



     Eleanor Gray