The Information Crusher

   John Colasacco


   David Wirthlin

The Naked World

   Irina Mashinski

Shakespeare & Stein Walk Into a Bar

     Katherine Hastings

Threesome (Florry of Washington Heights, Wier & Pouce, Swanny's Ways)

     Steve Katz

My First Satyrnalia

     Michael Rumaker

How Ghosts Travel

     James J. Siegel


     Michael Boughn

Someone Screaming Out

     Tim Armentrout

Drops of Rain

     Patrick Dunagan

Blue Book

     Peter Valente

Beneath The Coyote Hills

     William Luvaas


     Janet Hamill

Not Her Nor Him

     Robert Buckeye

Why She Loved Him

     Sharon Doubiago

Damascus House

     Corinna Wycoff

When Yellow Leaves &

Facade for a Penny Arcade

     James Reiss

Transparent Eye

     Eric Hoffman

The Escapees

     Kevin Kilroy

Pearl Stitch

     Petra Kuppers

Burn Lyrics

     Benjamin Landry

The First To Disappear

     Patty Somlo


     Jorge Armenteros

The Fifth Generation

     Elizabeth J. Coleman

Exile's Recital

     Andrew Mossin

Slipping the Leash

     Michael Brownstein

Selected Poems

     Lee Slonimsky

Flash Mob

     Lori Anderson-Moseman

The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket

     intro by Richard Blevins

     Edgar Allan Poe

Letters for Olson

     edited by Benjamin Hollander