(Mother, Father, Child)

Clover Peake


ISBN 978-1-947980-71-6      110 pages        $30.00

I am not here at this time


Other children run and play

mothers calling from behind


I am not here

Clover Peake is a writer, artist and designer living and working in London, UK. She is a regular contributor and organiser of poetry readings nationally and internationally. She has published poetry and short stories over the last twenty years and more recently written the short film ‘Chasm’—a piece revealing the psychological abuse known as ‘gaslighting’. Exhibitions of her tapestries, drawings and costume design have been held/shown nationally and internationally. Her work is in private collections nationally and internationally. As a designer, she contributes bespoke clothing to numerous specialist clothing outlets. Future projects involve another collection of poems, scriptwriting, and devising a piece of poetic film focusing on families surviving domestic abuse.