Callie, Callie Calligraph

Lynn Strongin

ISBN 978-1-941550-70-0      $15.00        110 pages


As one wheels touches down

One wing brushing earth

Holding breath

The way bees, en masse, children in choir, cease a moment to sing.

The sting of death

Is bow withheld from the string?

Is trembling.

Lynn Strongin grew up in and around New York and in certain parts of the rural South which made a deep impression on her. Parents of Eastern European Jewish ancestors raised her in a rich artistic environment. Her memoir Indigo is based largely on these two locales. Her work appears in over thirty anthologies and seventy journals. In the Sixties, she worked for poet Denise Levertov in the political environment of Berkeley. For the past twenty-five years she has made Victoria, British Columbia her home.