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M a s t h e a d


T Thilleman

Managing Editor


SD is gratefully made possible due to a rotating team

of thoughtful editors who are invited to assist with

correspondence and production at Thilleman's

discernment and discretion, as their time and energy allow.


Spuyten Duyvil’s employees have the ability

to carry out tasks while simultaneously realizing the goal

involved in publishing has little celebrity attached to it.

Their reward comes from enabling a view toward the underside.


SD is an S corp.


Imprints under the Spuyten Duyvil Publishing banner include the following:




Dispatches Editions

(edited by Michael Boughn and Kent Johnson)






(primarily Queer)




Lithic Scatter





Meeting Eyes Bindery

(original poetry imprint of SD/PNY Pamphlet series)



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