Ghost Writer

A Story About Telling a Holocaust Story

Beth Benedix


ISBN 978-1-947980-01-3     184 pages        $18.00

Ghost Writer is a powerful, gripping story about storytelling itself; it's about the risks involved in trying to tell stories which themselves are dangerous and full of perils. Rather than tread on familiar ground sometimes seen in Holocaust narratives, Beth Benedix offers a rare, intimate glimpse into the torturous task of telling a harrowing story, using a narrative voice which is simultaneously humble and intense, calm and breathless. Ghost Writer is about how to make life whole when things seem to be falling apart, about how the very act of telling stories can sometimes save us.

         David Harris-Gershon


“There comes a time,” Holocaust survivor Joe Koenig told Beth Benedix, “when you have to tell your story.”  A remarkable contribution to Holocaust studies, Ghost Writer not only voices Koenig’s insightful testimony.  It also dives deeply into the profound challenges—literary, philosophical, personal—that Benedix confronted in deciding how to tell a story that “swelled beyond its own boundaries.”  Watching the Koenig–Benedix relationship unfold in the pages of this poignant book is like reading a novel that brims with truth or seeing an unforgettable film.  Probing, searching, yearning—Ghost Writer ranks with the very best writing about the Holocaust and its reverberations.

          John K. Roth

          Edward J. Sexton Professor Emeritus of Philosophy

          Claremont McKenna College