God's Whisper

Dennis Barone

ISBN 1-933132-07-8      $10.00      104 pages

Barone drew on his love for distance racing in writing God's Whisper. He alternates brief scenes with quotations from Emerson's essay on friendship.

     Hartford Courant


With God's Whisper the question was can I write a story about something I know very deeply, something from which I have no distance?  And so this fiction is about road racing, distance running. It is the opposite of much that conprises the other novella.  For North Arrow, I wanted to try to write a story about something I knew nothing about.  Whereas North Arrow is one continuous narrative, God's Whisper has brief scenes separated by quotations from Emerson's essay on friendship.

                      excerpt from Richard Deming,

         "The Writer as Discoverer: An Interview with Dennis Barone."

                                     Rain Taxi online editon Winter 2004

Dennis Barone is the author of numerous books of prose and poetry.

His collection of prose pieces, Echoes (Potes & Poets, 1997) received

the America Award for most outstanding work of fiction by a living American

author. Some of his other works include The Returns (Sun & Moon, 1996),

Forms/Froms (Poets & Poets, 1988), and the newly released collection

The Walls of Circumstance (Avec Books, 2004). He has also edited two important

works: a poetry anthology entitled The Art of Practice (Potes & Poets, 1994),

and Beyond the Red Notebook (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1995), the

first collection of critical essays about the novelist Paul Auster. One novella,

Temple of the Rat ( Left Hand Books, 2000), has already appeared and two

more are forthcoming: North Arrow (from Green Integer) and God's Whisper

(from Spuyten Duyvil). Barone lives in Hartford, Connecticut, where he teaches

at St. Joseph College and runs over 60 miles a week.