Humans By Lamplight

book 3 of The Enchantments

Tom La Farge


ISBN  978-1-947980-44-0      342 pages        $18.00


In this third novel of his fabulist series The Enchantments,

Tom La Farge considers how humans might create political change and escape the image-enthralled souls they mistake for exclusive identities. Upon the alternative North African setting of The Broken House and Maznoona — a world enchanted by the demons of false consciousness — he overlays an idea of animal souls from the beliefs of indigenous Americans: we contain several souls, who cohabit our lives and lend us their habits, moods, and behaviors. They lead us into strange explorations, potentially perilous, potentially rewarding, unless they are restrained by imposed, often artificial oversouls.



Tom La Farge lives and writes in Flatbush, Brooklyn. He is the author of The Crimson Bears and Terror of Earth (both Sun & Moon Press), and Zuntig (Green Integer). In 2009 Wendy Walker and he founded The Writhing Society, a constrained-writing salon that meets twice a month in Brooklyn. He has published a number of constrained pieces and also the first three pamphlets of a manual, 13 Writhing Machines (Proteotypes.org) for this sort of writing. Learn more at his website: tomlafarge.com.