I Hate Fiction

Tim Shaner


ISBN 978-1-947980-05-1      200 pages        $16.00

Tim Shaner’s poet’s novel is a page-turner!  He carries all the addictive qualities of wringing the world through poetry with prose, a sense of absolute frankness at work.  Shaner aims at our culture’s many irritable limbs, yet he brings the poets alive, weaving them and waving hello with them from inside the deep muscle of the book.  You are going to love this!

            CAConrad, author of While Standing in Line for Death


Tim Shaner is the author of Picture X (Airlie Press, 2014). He received a Ph.D. from SUNY-Buffalo’s Poetics Program in 2005. His work has appeared in The Poetic Labor Project, Plumwood Mountain: An Australian Journal of Ecopoetry and Ecopoetics, Colorado Review, The Claudius App, Jacket, P-Queue, Kiosk, Shampoo, Ambit, The Rialto and elsewhere. With Kristen Gallagher, he curated the Rust Talks series on poetics in Buffalo and edited Wig: A Journal of Poetry and Work, and he published, with Jonathan Skinner, the pamphlet Farming the Words: Talking with Robert Grenier (Field Books, 2009). Currently, he is a coordinator of the Windfall Reading Series at the Eugene Public Library. He teaches writing at Lane Community College.