Resist Much / Obey Little:

Inaugural Poems to the Resistance

     Eds. Michael Boughn, John Bradley, Brenda Cardenas, Ching-In Chen, Lynne DeSilva-Johnson,  Kass Fleisher, Roberto Harrison, Kent Johnson, Andrew Levy, Nathaniel Mackey, Ruben Medina, Philip Metres,

Julie Patton, Margaret Randall, Michael Rothenberg, Anne Waldman, Marjorie Welish, Tyrone Williams


Grapes And The Wind by Pablo Neruda

     trans. Michael Strauss

Zen Creoles

     Zack O'Neill

The Roar of the River

     Jorge Armenteros

Revelation Illustrated

     trans. Michael Strauss  art by Jennifer Reiland

Threesome (Florry of Washington Heights, Wier & Pouce, Swanny's Ways)

     Steve Katz

My First Satyrnalia

     Michael Rumaker

Why She Loved Him

     Sharon Doubiago

The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket

     intro by Richard Blevins

     Edgar Allan Poe

Top Boy

     M. G. Stephens

Kid Coole

     M.G. Stephens

Taxi Night

     Cliff Fyman

Universal Fall Precautions

     Sunnylyn Thibodeaux

The Camperdown Elm

     Wendy Walker

Lighter Than Air

     Valery Oisteanu

The Three Taos of Tao

     Marc Vincenz

Crybaby City

     Jay Bessemer

Dead Ends

     Kevin Kilroy

Thirteen Tales From The Hippocampus

     Harry Steven Lazarus

Among The Vagabonds

     Eric Hoffman

Two Novellas

     Peter Valente

A History of Zero & Alter Fictions

     Martin Nakell

A Sauce Stealer

     Margarita Meklina














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