Max Turns Yellow

Martha King


ISBN  978-1-952419-44-7         208 pages         $18.00


“James’ head was cocked at a lethal angle and his face was slack and grey as stone. All around the dead man was a snowstorm of manuscript papers. Had James pulled at something from above as he fell?”

Bonnie Finberg

For a few years, Martha King and her partner the painter/poet Basil King owned half of an old house (and former bar) on Hudson Avenue in Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn. That was some ten years earlier than the 1980s in which this story is set. The first “Max” novel (Max Sees Red) was published by Spuyten Duyvil in 2019.  She is currently working on a third (Max Hates Blue) and is grateful to Spuyten Duyvil who also published two collections of her short stories, Little Tales of Family and War and North and South.


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