poems within the moment

Gordon Osing

ISBN 978-1-933132-92-1           $15.00          136 pages



Are you reading this to see, friend, if

you want to ramble through what's inside?

Fair enough. It's not a page turner I'm after,

nor airport fiction. I'm after undoing words,

so that contexts both make them transparent

and invite colors and projections of heart.

And more, smear the palette of mere being.


Mayday, and all the alarms in the world

going off at once are morning birds

in Delta bluffs woods, taking me out

to the bothy to watch waves on the lake,

and a pontoon gliding into an easterly,

on westering waters. The boat moves

to the east all morning tied to the dock.


Until I ask what science traffics in

deliberate misunderstandings, incorporates

illusions that the senses verify, purposes

to undo "the real world," as parents say.

What is proved more than the worlds it takes

to stay in place, and the worlds moved

to life by the eye stayed in watching.

Gordon Osing is retired from the writing program at the University of Memphis and lives now lakeside in Delta bluffs woods in Eudora, Mississippi, where he is continuing his career in reading and writing and traveling. The River City Writers Series, that he began some thirty-five years ago at the University of Memphis, is still thriving. He sees himself in a continuation of the works of the Southern Modernists, holding language in poetry as re-contextualized, and the poem as artifact with its own protocols

and reasons, the ways and means of a poem's attachments to "truth" belonging peculiarly to poetry. Another recent collection is titled Slaughtering the Buddha (SD, 2010).