Mission Statement

Spuyten Duyvil satisfies no demand in any market. There is no intrinsic “need” for the poetry/fiction or artist books it seeks to create and expand upon.


Any “useful” titles are so because the work insisted on being such.


Spuyten Duyvil’s existence presents honest and reality-based imaginative texts to a readership that may or may not exist. The effort makes any reception all the more responsive to a context at greater depth within contemporary imagination.


There is no map for the contemporary.


Spuyten Duyvil’s employees have the ability to carry out tasks while simultaneously realizing the goal involved in publishing has little celebrity attached to it. Their reward comes from enabling a view toward the underside.


Below, the origin of the passage for established expressions of thought and feeling, goes on long after the search for origins ends Above.



Spuyten Duyvil


provides wellbeing


for its owners and constituents'


 realistic accomplishments of survival


true creative discoveries