Mobility Lounge

David Lincoln

cover art by Michelle Chang

ISBN 0-9720662-5-X      $13.00       256 pages


A new howl from poetic America... David Lincoln is... evoking a world out of control.

      The Scotsman


                  "...The Age of Information is the Age of Limits..."


A hesitant young man marries a French traveler to save his apartment, a brown Englishman struggles against his sense of invisible limits, a reluctant beauty aims at personal freedom despite the fears of her relatives and friends - these are the interlaced stories of exuberance in this digital era romance.


Mobility Lounge chronicles the advent and exploitation of the dream of long distance travel without leaving your chair. This novel of remote connections, told by an unseen hand, moves rapidly from Amsterdam to techno trance

Europe, from Silicon Valley to rural India, exploring the tempting vision that we deserve all of our desire.


A novel with no villains or innocent victims, Mobility Lounge proposes a new reading of shared affinities and challenges outside the confines of national space. The adventurer, the patriot, the internationalist, the hacker, the thinker, the traveler, the loner,  and the lover all appear and take their turns in this portrait of the frontier of global think, a strange new world that continues to emerge from the shadows after the technology boom and crash of the late last century.


"...The imagination has been constrained by facts. Number One Fact is the impossibility of ever leaving the planet..."

David Lincoln has worked in the North Sea as a roustabout, taught computers in the Ministry of Agriculture in Nepal, sold encyclopedias in the suburbs of Denver, and participated in theatrical tours of England and Scotland. He holds an MA in Writing from San Francisco State University, has published travel writing, memoir, poetry and short fiction in newspapers and literary journals in the United States. After living abroad for many years, he witnessed the digital revolution first hand by tele-commuting to Silicon Valley.