Haley Wooning


ISBN 978-1-947980-96-9     144 pages        $15.00


"Some flax ghost of rare light"—what is this space? Grief and (day)dreaming. Love and longing. Human capacity out in a garden constructed from "predatory fog" and clamor[s] of the otherworld." I lean into the "pre-world owls"—myself a "witch I am"—right alongside the speaker. The commas are land-forms—inciting space and changes within the environment of a largely lyric wind. A true Widdershin. My shins are aching from the hike—the meander—the wander. There is room for every manner of traversal. Smooth the welter. Strangely shamanic—but so—as if out on reddening and burgeoning (live) cliffs within or as a circle of yodling and cackling women. All of the flowers growing up from ash. Are these fragments woven together by heartbreak and heartbeat and heartthrob? There is romance to the tongue. The figures—so many figures. As if a lover could emerge from any facet of the poetics of Earth tones—of a robust ape in flow. “

        jj hastain

Haley Wooning lives in California with her partner and their cat, Puck.