We are seeking seed contributions to establish the Roots & Branches Series.


Roots & Branches will reflect the skyey reach SD's writers seek, affirm, and transform as they create and compose the next avant and post avant garde. Alongside brand new titles, out of print as well as public domain works will be planted into a scintillating new contemporary title-base.

Roots & Branches Series

Art of the Serial Poem

Richard Blevins



Michael Boughn


Consulting With the Swifts

Lee Slonimsky


Curriculum of the Soul

Glover & Clarke, eds.


Fish Gotta Swim

Larry Kearney


I want nothing but you in the world

Christopher Reiner


Idylls of Complicity

Carl Watson



Gordon Osing



Janet Hamill









Les Fleurs du Mal

Charles Baudelaire

trans. Eric Gans


like a lizard crawling

Michael Forstrom


Murderous Fantasies

Serge Gavronsky


Narrative of Pym

Edgar Allen Poe


Pagan Days

Michael Rumaker



jj hastain


Revolt of Islam

Percy Bysshe Shelley


Techniques In The Neighborhood of Sleep

Dick Martin


Three Shadow Inventions

t thilleman


Truth truth truth

Serge Gavronsky

Roots and Branches titles are made possible in part through the generous contributions of :


Thaddeus Rutkowski


Lori J. Anderson-Moseman

Richard Martin

Lee Slonimsky

Elayna Browne

Kenneth B. Nemcosky

Barbara Henning

Marc Vincenz

Serge Gavronsky

Katy Masuga

James A Reiss

Elizabeth J. Coleman

K Feather Hastings

Susan Lewis

Michael Boughn

j/j hastain

Andrew K Peterson

Marc Estrin

Michael Forstrom

Karen Gunderson

William Luvaas

Gordon Osing

Stephen Sartarelli

Maximilian W Valerio

Andrea Scrima

Lewis Warsh

Vitaly Chernetsky

Kathy Conde

Gloria Frym

Dennis Barone