My Scary Camp Story

Gary Ray Bugarcic

Illustrated by Tom Marsan


ISBN 978-0-923389-96-3     $10.00        38 pages

***My Scary Camp Story is a hybrid coloring book for kids and adults alike. Use crayon, colored pencil or watercolors to make your copy scary good!***

Author's Note:


It all started one night when five energetic boy cousins got together for a sleepover. As I was trying to get them to wind down and relax in their sleeping spots, one of them said,

   “Hey uncle Gary how about telling us a scary story!”

   “Alright” I said, “I’ll tell you My Scary Camp Story.” Now I had to come up with something...


This book is meant to be read out-loud. SO get animated as you read and the kids will love you for it!

Gary Ray Bugarcic is a writer, actor, and stage director who is best known as the founder of the critically acclaimed 1980’s lower eastside club Darinka, where Steve Buscemi & They Might Be Giants first started their careers. As a writer he’s had his poetry published in New Blood Magazine and has recently finished his 3rd stage play titled The Hostess, a period work set in Greenwich Village in 1959. As actor he’s worked extensively on stage, film, TV and in over two-dozen commercials. He’s also toured nationally with performance artist Karen Finley in her play The Theory of Total Blame.