science fiction fiction

Connie Mae Oliver


ISBN  978-1-949966-88-6      68 pages        $16.00


Connie Mae Oliver’s poems hold the moon between thumb and index finger. In her retrospective framework of adolescence, memory’s scaffolds are showing. Thought is spatial; the mall is a circuit where the mind walks around itself and back again. Science Fiction Fiction knows it’s an incomplete record of a disappeared Miami. It’s also a trailer for eternal life as a computer, where we attend to what has passed through us and remains encoded in the obsolete technologies of younger days: “the internet nymphaeum.” Against experts and toward experiences, in the digital archive of memory impressions, Oliver goes skimming.

     Charles Theonia

Connie Mae Oliver is a Venezuelan poet and artist, and author of Cosmos A Personal Voyage by Carl Sagan Ann Druyan Steven Soter and Me (Operating System, 2017). She is founding editor of FEELINGS, an online journal of poetry and art. She teaches Creative Writing and Literature courses for Syracuse University Project Advance and lives in New York.