Index of Authors

M. Maurice Abitbol, MD

   The Roots of Human Sexuality

  Sex in the Senior City

   Let’s Talk About Death

Sam Abrams

Nibaldo Acero

Etel Adnan

Janelle Adsit

Nancy Agabian

Dr. Helene Jf de Aguilar

Andrés Ajens

Youssef Alaoui

Rosa Alcalá

Ammiel Alcalay

Charles Alexander

   Letters For Olson

   Resist Much Obey Little

Danielle Alexander

  Wreckage of Reason

   Wreckage of Reason II

Maya Alexandri

William Allegrezza

Caitlin M. Alvarez

Joe Amato

Jürg Amann

Peter Anastas

Benny Andersen

   Something To Live Up To

   Certain Days

Holly Anderson

Bruce Andrews

Yuri Andrukhovych

   The Moscoviad

   Twelve Circles

Robert Archambeau

Jorge Armenteros


   The Roar of the River

Tim Armentrout

Bob Arnold

Carla, the letter b.

Geoffrey Babbitt

E. C. Bachner

  Wreckage of Reason

   Wreckage of Reason II

Barbara Baer

  Wreckage of Reason

   Wreckage of Reason II

Vyt Bakaitis

JoAnn Balingit

Amiri Baraka

Barbara Barg

Kenneth Baron

Dennis Barone

Charles Baudelaire

Jeffery Beam

John Beer

Robin Behn

Ana Belén López

Martine Bellen


   This Amazing Cage of Light

Rosebud Ben-Oni

   Wreckage of Reason

   Resist Much Obey Little

Beth Benedix

John M. Bennet

Steve Benson

Carol Berge

Adam Berlin

Jay Besemer

   Crybaby City

   Resist Much Obey Little

Stephen Bett

   Extreme Positions

   Resist Much Obey Little

Bhisham Bherwani

Edgar Billowitz

Lisa Birman

Robin Blaser

Rich Blevins

   Captivity Narratives

   Breathing Bolano

   Medieval Ohio

   The Opening Day

   Naked Noah

   The Art of the Serial Poem

   Resist Much Obey Little

   Narrative of A. Gordon Pym


Cecil Bødker

   Stories About Tacit

    The Water Farm

Andrew R. Boettcher

Katy Bohinc

Roberto Bolaño

Charles Borkhuis

   Mouth of Shadows

   Savoir Fear

   Resist Much Obey Little

Dianne Borsenik

Michael Boughn


   Letters for Olson

   A Curriculum of the Soul

   Resist Much Obey Little

Kent Bowker

Stefan Brecht

Donald Breckenridge

Dave Brennan

Karen Brennan

   Wreckage of Reason

   Wreckage of Reason II

Summer Brenner

Russell Brickey

Cecil Bødker

Harvey Brown

Laynie Browne

   Acts of Levitation

   Mermaid’s Purse

   The Ivory Hour

   Wreckage of Reason

   Wreckage of Reason II

Robert Buckeye

   Living In

   Not Her Nor Him


Erika Burkart


  A Late Recognition of the Signs

Kathe Burkhart

George F. Butterick

Michael Bylebyl

Amina Cain

Donna Cameron

Mary Cappello

Tom Carlson

Stacy Cartledge

Nona Caspers

   Little Book of Days

   Lawfully Wedded Wives

Robert Castle

Ricardo Cázares

Alexandra Chasin

  Wreckage of Reason

   Wreckage of Reason II

Tom Cheetham

Vitaly Chernetsky

   The Moscoviad

   Twelve Circles

John Clarke

   A Curriculum of the Soul

   Tramping the Bulrushes

Hugo Clemente

John Colasacco

Elizabeth J. Coleman


     The Fifth Generation

Rob Cook

  Blueprints for a Genocide

  The Undermining of the Democratic Club

Joseph Cooper

   Arias Let into


Joshua Corey

   Beautiful Soul

   Letters for Olson

Robert Creeley

MTC Cronin

Juana Culhane

   The Celestial Monster

   The Tattered Lion

   Song of the Jaguar

Robert Dalke

Jill Darling

Michel Deguy

Geri DeLuca

Regina Derieva

Debra Di Blasi

  Wreckage of Reason

   Wreckage of Reason II

Stephanie Dickinson


   Lust Series

   Love HIghway

   Wreckage of Reason II

Sharon Doubiago

Patrick James Dunagan

   Drops of Rain/Drops of Wine

   The Duncan Era

Robert Duncan

Danielle Dutton

Biswamit Dwibedy

Dina Elenbogen

Nicolle Elizabeth




Marc Estrin


  When the Gods Come Home to Roost

  The Prison Notebooks of Alan Krieger

  And Kings Shall Be Thy Nursing Fathers

Zoë Etkin

Bill Evans

Jason Price Everett

Norman Finkelstein




   Lyrical Interference

Carmen Firan

   The Farce


   Wreckage of Reason II

Kass Fleisher

Piotr Florczyk

   The Day He’s Gone

   Los Angeles Sketchbook

Laurie Foos

Michael Forstrom

   The Four Seasons

   like a lizard crawling

Joyce Freittag

Peter Freund

Gloria Frym

   The Stage Stop Motel

   The True Patriot

Matthew Gagnon

Eric Gans

Eugene Garber

Jeff Gardiner

Karen Garthe

Serge Gavronsky

   The Silence of Memory

   Truth Truth Truth

   Murderous Fantasies

David Giannini

   Porous Borders

   Resist Much Obey Little

Albert Glover

I Goldfarb

Michael Goldman

   Farming Dreams

   Stories About Tacit

   Average Neuroses

   Fragments of a Mirror

   The Water Farm

   Something to Live Up To

   The Way It Seems

   Certain Days

Nancy Goldring

Yvan Goll

Rebecca Goodman

Nada Gordon

Roberta Gould


Peter Grandbois

   The Arsenic Lobster

   Kissing the Lobster

Allan Graubard

Ted Greenwald

Robert Grenier

Andrey Gritsman

Carolyn Guinzio

Drazan Gunjaca

Rachel Hadas

Drummond Hadley

Joell Hallowell

Lyn Halper

Ernst Halter

Janet Hamill

C. C. Hannett

   Saga Ctrl

   I Gave This Dream To A Color


Marianne Koluda Hansen

J. P. Harpignies

Jean Harris

Gwen Hart

Robert Harvey

J/J Hastain

   Prurient Anarchic Omnibus

   Approximating Diapason



   Clef Manifesto



   Tongue a Queer Anomaly


   Identity Collages

   Priest/ess 1-3

   Priest/ess, 1-3 (hdc.)

   Priest/ess 4

Katherine Hastings



   Shakespeare/Stein Walk into a Bar

Cole Heinowitz

Michael Heller

Barbara Henning

   Black Lace

   Detective Sentences

   You, me and the Insects

   Just Like That

John High

   The Desire Notebooks

   Talking God's Radio

Yorio Hirano

Jack Hirschman

Lily Hoang

Eric Hoffman

   The Transparent Eye

   Oppen: A Narrative

   Losses of Life

Benjamin Hollander

Anselm Hollo

Fanny Howe

Alta Ifland

Shelley Jackson

Lisa Jarnot

Brianna Johnson

Halvard Johnson

   Remains To Be Seen

   Winter Journey

   Large Floating Objects

Kent Johnson

Dan Kaplan

Steve Katz

Andrew Kaufman

Larry Kearney

   Fish Gotta Swim

   Fire Curtain

   Selected Poems vol 1

Michael Keenan

Tsipi Keller




   Wreckage of Reason

   Wreckage of Reason II


Robert Kelly

Birhan Keskin

Kevin Kilroy

   The Escapees

   Dead Ends

Basil King

   Warp Spasm


   The Poet

   Letters For Olson

Martha King

   Little Tales of Family and War

   North & South

  Wreckage of Reason

   Wreckage of Reason II

Edward Kissam

James Koller

Dean Kostos

   Last Supper of the Senses


Miriam Kotzin

Steve Kowit

Petra Kuppers

   Pearl Stitch

   Ice Bar

Bill Kushner

Joanne Kyger

Tom La Farge

   Humans by Lamplight

   The Broken House


Benjamin Landry

David Landrey

Gerrit Lansing

Pamela Lawton

Harry Steven Lazerus

Pierre Lepori

Ruth Lepson

Michael Levitin

Susan Lewis

Steve Light

Karen Lillis

   Watch The Doors As They Close

   Wreckage of Reason

   Wreckage of Reason II

David Lincoln

Amy Lipman

Geri Lipschultz

Norman Lock

Werner Lutz

William Luvaas

   Ashes Rain Down

   Beneath The Coyote Hills

Lewis MacAdams, Jr

Vasyl Makhno


   Winter Letters

Pawel Marcinkiewicz

Richard Martin

  Techniques In The Neighborhood of Sleep

   Goosebumps of Antimatter

Robin Martin

Irina Mashinski

Katy Masuga

David Matlin

Cris Mazza

Lynn McGee

Rob Mclennan

Michael McClure

Duncan McNaughton

Margarita Meklina

   Wor II

   A Sauce Stealer

Klaus Merz

Joe Milazzo

Megan Milks

Sandra Miller

Toni Mirosevich

Noam Mor

Jason Morphew

James Morrison

Jorge Mosconi

Lori Anderson Moseman

   Flash Mob

   Light Each Pause

Andrew Mossin

   Exile's Recital

   Torture Papers

Brane Mozetic

Martin Nakell




   The Desert Poems of Southern CA

   The Lord of Silence

Roni Natov

Jefferson Navicky

Andreas Neeser

Jennie Neighbors

Murat Nemet-Nejat

   Letters for Olson


Pablo Neruda

Alice Notley

Carol Novack

Doug Nufer

Natalie Nuzzo


Theresa O’Donnell

Peter O’Leary

Valery Oisteanu

  Anarchy for a Rainy Day

   Lighter Than Air

Martha Oliver-Smith

   Martha’s Mandala

   Saint Jerry

Charles Olson

Zack O'Neill

Paul Oppenheimer

   The Flame Charts

   In Times of Danger

Gordon Osing

   The Jazzer and the Loitering Lady


   Things That Never Happened

   Slaughtering Buddha


   La Belle Dame

   Theaters of Skin


   Mr. Gordon’s Blues

   Desperate Things

   Silent Movies

   Night Train

   The Late Show


   South of the South

   Straying Home

   Body Language

  Lovers: A Homily


Derek Owens

Melanie Page

Aimee Parkison

   Wreckage of Reason

   Wreckage of Reason II

Claudia Moreno Parsons

J. Hunter Patterson

Benjamin L. Perez

Andrew K. Peterson

Thomas Phillips

Edgar Allan Poe

Robert Podgurski

Gojmir Polajnar

D. R. Popa

Tóroddur Poulsen

Patrick Pritchard

Isabel Quiroga

Francis Raven

Gary Ray

Cynthia Reeves

  Wreckage of Reason

   Wreckage of Reason II

Christopher Reiner

Jennifer May Reiland

James Reiss

   When Yellow Leaves

   Facade for a Penny Arcade

Cooper Renner

David Rich

John Roche

Alicita Rodríguez

  Wreckage of Reason

   Wreckage of Reason II

Rutha Rosen

Index of Titles

David Rosenberg

Sarah Rosenthal

Michael Rumaker

   Black Mountain Days

   Pagan Days

   A Day And A Night At The Baths

   The Butterfly

   To Kill A Cardinal

   My First Satyrnalia

Thaddeus Rutkowski

Lizbeth Rymland

Joe Safdie

   Coastal Zone

   Letters For Olson

Rowland Saifi

   The Minotaur’s Daughter

   Lit Windows

Christopher Salerno

Ed Sanders

   Letters For Olson

   A Curriculum of the Soul

Adrian Sangeorzan

Claudia F. Savage

Jim Savio

Lorraine Schein

Lauren Schiffman

Davis Schneidermann

Lynda Schor


   Sexual Harassment Rules

   Wreckage of Reason

   Wreckage of Reason II

Leonard Schwartz

Harold Schweizer

Andrea Scrima

   A Lesser Day

   Wreckage of Reason II

Mark Scroggins

Charlotte Seley

T. Shaner

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Nina Shope

Alana Siegel

James J. Siegel

Paul Siegell

Lenny Silverberg

Joanna Sit

   My Last Century

   In Thailand With the Apostles

   Wreckage of Reason II

Fred Skolnik

Lee Slonimsky

   Wandering Electron

   Red-Tailed Hawk on Wall Street

   Consulting With The Swifts

   Lion, Gnat

Lillian Slugocki

   How to Travel With Your Demons

   Wreckage of Reason II

Dale Smith

Leverette T. Smith

Patty Somlo

Knud Sønderby

Knud Sørensen

   Farming Dreams

   The Way It Seems

Mark Spitzer

Charles Stein

M. G. Stephens

John Stilgoe

Christine Stoddard

Christopher Stoddard

Brian Strang

Michael Straus


   Grapes And The Wind

Lynn Strongin

Michael Sweeney

Jade Sylvan

Stelian Tanase

Christian TeBordo

Susan Thackrey

Sunnylyn Thibodeaux

T Thilleman

   A World of Nothing But Nations

   A World of Nothing But Self-Infliction

   Gowanus Canal, Hans Knudsen

   Three Mouths

   Three Sea Monsters

   Root-Cellar to Riverine

   Egghead to Underhoof

   Daylight to Dirty Work

   Breathing Bolano

   Anatomical Sketches


   Snailhorn (fragments)

   Entering Yoni Space

   Flue’s Fund


   Approximating Diapason

   Tongue A Queer Anomaly

   Clef Manifesto

   Wik'd Ogdoad


   Tourniquet ((flesh)) Camera

   Three Shadow Inventions

   Keystone Standstill



   The Complete Porch Poems

   one;s own nature

John Thorpe

David Tirrell

Barbara Tomash

Jessica Treat

Masha Tupitsyn

Peter Valente

   The Artaud Variations

   Street Level


   Whatever the Name

   Two Novellas

   Catullus Versions

Marc Vincenz

   Behind the Wall at the Sugar Works

   The Propaganda Factory

Brad Vogler

Fred Wah

Anne Waldman

Wendy Walker

Jean Walton

Jack Walters

Randi Ward

Kenneth Warren

Lewis Warsh

   Ted’s Favorite Skirt

   A Place in the Sun

   One Foot Out The Door

Carl Watson

John Wieners

Donald Wellman

Suki Wessling

Sarah White

   Wreckage of Reason

   Cleopatra on the Hudson

Tyrone Williams

Peter Lamborn Wilson

David Wirthlin



Owen Wister

Brooke Wonders

Heather Woods

Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

Corrina Wycoff

Donna Wyszomierski

Lyndee Yamshon

Lidia Yuknavitch

Snežana Žabić

G. F. Zaimis

Karolina Zapal

Aaron Zimmerman

Danny Zimmerman

Harriet Sohmers Zwerling

   Notes of a Nude Model