SD welcomes work from all,


and does not discriminate

based on country, creed,

color, sex organs, sex identity, preferred sex positions,

heart's desire, age, eye color, sports agility, handedness,

or lunar sign.





in more tamed lingo:


we embrace and encourage women,

people of color, people with disabilities,

LGBT writers, immigrants, internationals,

and other writers who feel marginalized

by mainstream madness.



We are inspired by varied voices

fractured in the current climate.

Offering here, haven.



We are open to those who've published many a book,

and to those who've never published a book.




We look for work that is taut and raw,

real as our own flesh

quivering in the winter light.


We thirst

for work that breathes

with an invisibly divine shudder.


We are open to poetry and prose

that is and makes

new, and genre-bending

cross-pollinating trans

elocutions too.



Rooted reveling, revealing.


"Let the beauty you love be what you do"


We believe in you!




*** editors at spuytenduyvil dot net ***