The Bed Book

Kimberly L. Becker


ISBN  978-1-952419-34-8         78 pages         $15.00


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Kimberly Becker's haunting collection calls readers to unknow the known in order to better understand our relationship with the real and imagined. More importantly, it beckons our tragedies and suffering into the light, wrapping us in acceptance only attainable through reflection and forgiveness.

     Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle


From hospice to feather bed, daybed to sleigh bed, Kimberly Becker renders each in their uniqueness. With humor, tenderness, and smart turns of phrase, she re-inscribes this everyday piece of furniture, ventures into dream worlds, storied landscapes, and haunted spaces of incest and abuse. Taken together, these striking poems invite the reader to unlock the ghost spaces of their own past. Survival is a mere outlasting; but here healing comes in the telling.

     Kimberly Blaeser, author of Copper Yearning, Wisconsin Poet Laureate 2015-16