The Genealogy of Elevators: A Fable

Harold Schweizer


ISBN 978-1-947980-64-8      110 pages        $15.00


A dark, cracked parable in the tradition of Millhauser by way of Kafka, Sebald, and, perhaps, St. John Climacus.  Schweizer’s lyric exploration of capitalism, its artifacts and (especially) its denizens, casts an eerie spell.  There is nothing else quite like this in contemporary American poetry.

                           G.C. Waldrep

Harold Schweizer is Professor of English at Bucknell University. His two prior books of poetry are The Book of Stones and Angels (2015) and Miriam’s Book: A Poem (2017). His most recent publications in philosophical prose are On Waiting (2008) and Rarity and the Poetic: The Gesture of Small Flowers (2016).