The Missing Lover

Summer Brenner

collages by Lewis Warsh


ISBN 978-1-933132-28-0        252 pages           $20.00


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Reading Summer Brenner’s novellas is a seductive and disturbing experience, one not to be missed. Her explorations of the vagaries of love are illuminated by a powerfully vivid generosity—generosity meaning not only sympathy and understanding but a willingness to recognize passion as a source of both folly and inspiration, cruel stupidity and ecstatic enlightenment, frustration, disappointment, and anger as well as irresistible sexual joy. There’s absolutely no doubt that she knows what she’s talking about.

     Harry Mathews


The women in Summer Brenner’s world grow wiser by defying expectations, both the world’s and their own. Her characters are tonic and poetic, weaving melancholy with healing. We are in the hands of a first-rate storyteller.

     Andrei Codrescu


Summer Brenner is a native of Atlanta, and after wandering and residing in New England, Italy, France, and New Mexico, she settled in Berkeley, California where she has been a long-time resident.