Thirteen Tales From The Hippocampus

Harry Steven Lazerus


ISBN 978-1-944682-52-1      250 pages      $16.00

From science fiction to mainstream, from the desolate plains of West Texas to the deserted streets of New York, Harry Steven Lazerus invades the human brain’s seat of memory and emotion to tell stories of love and hate, guilt and redemption, wonder and awe.


Harry Steven Lazerus was born in Brooklyn in the last century. He’s lived in New York, Israel, Texas, Chicago, Thailand, and a work cubicle in California.  Harry has degrees in physics and taught physics and astronomy at CCNY, worked as a software engineer in the space program, and picked apples in Kibbutz Tsuba. His short stories have appeared in AlienSkin Magazine, Anotherealm, Every Day Fiction, The Mythic Circle, Change Magazine, and Broken Pencil.  His story “Becky” won Anotherealm’s Higney Award for 2009. His op-ed column, “The Contrarian”, appeared in Houston’s Change Magazine from 2011 to 2015.