Weird Girls

Writing the Art Monster

Caroline Hagood


ISBN 978-1-956005-77-6       158 pages           $18.00


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A combination of memoir, cultural critique, and manifesto, Weird Girls traces the art monster—the writer, often coded monstrous and male, single-mindedly dedicated to the work—from ancient myth to modern literature and pop culture to ask: what happens when the art monster is a woman and/or mother? And what’s the connection between creativity and monstrosity? Told in brief, thoughtful, drolly charming chapters, Weird Girls offers a groundbreaking take on art, motherhood, and of course the art monster.

on Caroline Hagood


Profoundly unique and honest…somehow executed with an astonishing lack of ego. She will break your heart with her naked sincerity; a masterful, singular writer who sheds light with every page.

     Mary-Louise Parker


Explosive…a fast and funny revisionist satire that throws off plenty of nitro along the way.

     Publishers Weekly

Caroline Hagood is Assistant Professor of Literature, Writing and Publishing and Director of Undergraduate Writing at St. Francis College in Brooklyn. She is the author of two poetry books, Lunatic Speaks and Making Maxine’s Baby, a book-length essay, Ways of Looking at a Woman, and a novel, Ghosts of America.