Wounds of Youth

The Greenbacker's Guide to the Primo Revolt at Cooper Union

& How it Defined a Breathless Crush

José Negroni


ISBN 978-1-949966-09-1     104 pages        $16.00




A series of fictionalized remembrances and reflections on the 2013 Cooper Union anti-tuition protests, José Negroni’s Wounds of Youth takes us inside the story of how a small band of students struggled to recover the school’s mismanaged endowment. The narrative voice of an offbeat young activist of the Occupy Generation, with sensibilities inspired by Peter Cooper’s greenback movement, offers a sharp social critique of corporatized higher education and recounts how a small band of students stopped the looting. This undergrad underdog is not stupid, and he’s not dead yet.

Hilarious, wise, nuanced, magical, José Negroni’s writing has tapped into something remarkably deep and, alas, very hard to confront for today's disaffected youth: they have no illusions about unrestrained capitalism, and yet are determined to pursue economic justice. This story emerges as America’s youth seek new guideposts. Negroni provides a direction: Forward, into the light!

         Dennis Kucinich, eight-term congressman, and presidential candidate

José Negroni, who spent time in the Occupy Wall Street movement, is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and Columbia University. He lives in Brooklyn, where he serves as a professor at Medgar Evers College at the City University of New York, and is a field organizer for the Professional Staff Congress, a union that represents his fellow faculty.