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Ukrainian Literature in translation


   Intelligence and composure are the roots;

     Humility and conscientiousness the stem.

   Honesty and stable promises are the branches;

     Gratitude and altruistic endeavor the leaves.

   Devotion and generosity are the flowers;

     Happiness and illustriousness the ripened fruit.


                  The Great Mipham Rinpoche


Poem by Oleksandr Irvanets

           "З міста, що ракетами розтрощене..."

Literary and Historical Sources for Understanding Ukraine:

A Recommended Reading List by Michael Naydan

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Embodied Unconscious: the feminine space of sexuality, surrealism, and experimentation in literature

     C.M. Chady



     Francesco Levato



     Patrick Pritchett


What Minimal Joy

     Michael Goldman


Sun Eye Moon Eye

     Vincent Czyz


Sailing to Noon

     Hoyt Rogers



     Marisa Crawford



     Summer Brenner


Scorpio Journal/ Secret Equinox

     Andrew K. Peterson

































     Steve Katz


Casting a Spell in Spring:

Selected Poems of Alexander Xaver Gwerder

   trans. Marc Vincenz


Blood to Purify the World

     Amy Bobeda


Underneath the Occipital Bone

     Deborah Wood


Marriage Dance

     Patrick Pfister


Overkill Omnibus!!!: The Collected, Selected, Unapologetic, Überfluous, Posthumous Poetics of Mark Spitzer 1972-2022



    Nina Zivancevic


Hugging My Father's Ghost

     Zack Rogow