Rebecca Goodman


ISBN 978-1-941550-23-6     $15.00        124 pages

A book-long, disassembled keen, a reverse index of longing after loss, Rebecca Goodman’s spare Aftersight is a wonderful achievement. It is connected in its stillness to influences such as the ancient Chinese poets as well as contemporary innovation. Its clarity and dwelling-place: consciousness.

             Stacey Levine, author, The Girl With Brown Fur


It would be hard to overstate how thrilled it made me to read Rebecca Goodman’s new collection Aftersight.  As in her earlier work, The Surface of Motion, the writing is always superb—and always deeply compelling.

             David St. John, author, The Face: A Novella In Verse


All the echoes of memory and the rapidly disintegrating past come into play in Rebecca Goodman’s beautiful meditative novel—a chamber piece for embattled voices that unfolds inside the natural world. The narrator, taking on different guises, tries to make sense of what it means to be alive, “these things I can think and feel.” Goodman writes at perfect pitch, looking back, looking forward, on the border between holding on and letting go. I couldn’t stop reading.

                Lewis Warsh, author, One Foot Out The Door

Rebecca Goodman’s novel, The Surface of Motion, was published  in 2008 by Green Integer Press. She lives and teaches in Los Angeles.