Caribbean Ants

Selected Poems of Homero Pumarol

translated from the Spanish by Anthony Seidman


ISBN  978-1-952419-40-9         102 pages         $15.00


Perhaps it’s true that poetry isn’t just about blowing into glass to make bottles, but Homero makes his own into Molotov Cocktails.

    Luis Chaves


Homero Pumarol’s poetry reveals another country. It opens doors that were previously marked out with trepidation.  Facing the disappointments from the 80’s and the machinations of the 70’s, the 90’s have brought us a voice which can lift bridges into the most unsuspected corners.

    Miguel D. Mena


This book will serve as a touchstone to rediscover, re-read, and delight in the work of one of the Dominican Republic’s most important and influential poets from the early 21st century.

    Frank Báez

Homero Pumarol (Dominican Republic, 1971) obtained the poetry prize named in honor of Pedro Henríquez Ureña in 1997.  He is noted for injecting Caribbean Spanish, pop culture, rock n’ roll, humor, and the vibrant impasto of the quisqueyano experience into the country’s poetry. He is the author of four collections, including a volume of new and selected poems entitled Poesía Reunida: 2000-2011 (Ediciones De a Poco, Santo Domingo). His poems have appeared throughout the Spanish-speaking world in major journals and anthologies, such as Poesía Dominicana: Antología Esencial (Colección Visor de Poesía, Madrid).  He is also a founding member of the spoken-word rock group El Hombrecito, and he appears on their album Llegó El Hombrecito.




Anthony Seidman (1973) is a poet translator born and raised in Los Angeles.  His recent translations include A Stab in the Dark (LARB Classics) by Facundo Bernal, For Love of the Dollar: A Portrait of the Artist as an Undocumented Immigrant (Unnamed Press) by J.M. Servín, and Smooth-Talking Dog: Selected Poems of Roberto Castillo Udiarte (Phoneme Media).  His newest collection of poetry is entitled Cosmic Weather, available from Spuyten Duyvil.  He has published translations, poetry and reviews in such journals as New American Writing, The Bitter Oleander, Latin American Literature Today, Poets & Writers, World Literature Today, Poetry International, and Huizache.