Our Lady of Flowering Marvel

Brad Baumgartner


ISBN 978-1-952419-03-4          102 pages         $16.00


Celeste unfurls internally. An invaginated text which opens the reader into myriad mystic realms with playful lyricism (misty jism). Here the I dissolves only to reappear, offering space for the reader to reach through the illusion of separate self and enter a trembling, trebling All, agape.

—Heather Woods, author of Light Bearing

Brad Baumgartner is a writer, theorist, and Assistant Teaching Professor of English at Penn State. Recent creative work has appeared in Burning House Press, X Ray Literary Magazine, Vestiges, and others. Current projects include a hybrid work entitled Stylinaut, which was shortlisted for the 2019 Tarpaulin Sky Book Award, and a play called the –tempered mid·riff. He is the author of Quantum Mechantics: Memoirs of a Quark (The Operating System, 2019). Weird Mysticism, a monograph, is forthcoming from Lehigh UP in 2021.