Marisa Crawford


ISBN 978-1-959556-70-1      84 pages      $17.00

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A dazzling collection of poems investigating dark corners of the mundane, Diary is incredibly ordinary but that is its magic. A portrait of a time, a modern-day poetic interpretation into the everydayness of being female and living in NYC while zooming into a cosmology of intimacies with incredible preciseness and lyricism. Marisa Crawford’s poetics are packed with beauty and darkness while still popping with magnificent humor. A joy to read, Diary is sassy and pretty, cataclysmic and full of life.”

     Julián Delgado Lopera, author of Fiebre Tropical


This collection is about obsessions and how we are always building them, surrendering to them, or evading them. What is really being wrestled with is love, its losses, despair, denial of that despair, learning to love one’s own body and self, and all the ways we trick ourselves into making it through the hours and days and shifts of this grinding blue world.

    Natalie Diaz, author of Postcolonial Love Poem

Marisa Crawford is the author of the poetry collections Reversible and The Haunted House. She is co-editor, with Megan Milks, of We Are The Baby-Sitters Club: Essays & Artwork from Grown-Up Readers, and editor of The Weird Sister Collection (Feminist Press, forthcoming 2024). Marisa’s writing has appeared in The Nation, Harper’s Bazaar, Hyperallergic, BUST, and elsewhere. She lives in New York.