Hermetic Divagations

Michael Boughn


ISBN 978-1-949966-11-4      68 pages        $18.00



Michael Boughn fuses visionary apperception with mature reflection to mercuriate socio-politically through “flesh disguised as fact”, inside the sometime inspecific fruitions of living .. sfumato, then vividly twists into it a generous undertow of love. Wonderful!

 —Lissa Wolsak


Hermetic Divagations is a luminous book of gratitude and persistence. Michael Boughn weaves H.D.’s traditions, motifs and words in his own poised lines . . . continually re-discovering female figures emanating poise, eros and blessing amid confusion and depredation. “Then she is there” is a repeated realization. The work is at once a poetics of rumination evoking immanent presence and a meditation on the acts of war and rancor that harass grace.  Hermetic Divagations is a serious and lucid reworking of questions of civilization where “dung and myrrh // mingle with air and fear,” yet where one persists in seeking the “hidden entrance in a world // of restricted visibility.”

 —Rachel Blau DuPlessis


Michael Boughn’s “divagation” to and from HD’s Hermetic Definition wanders into the present, depth-charging its obdurate frigidity with a lexicon mystical, sensual, and mythographic.  HD declared “hermetic definition” as poetic method; and less homage than alignment, Boughn’s “grateful thinking” brings some of HD’s genius, and much of his own, to this luminous text.

 —Sharon Thesen


Electrified Homeric litanies . . . plunge gorgeously forward into a poetic future fueled by “moving’s animated declaration / of mystery’s independence.”

 —Susan Lewis