Kafka Kafka


Harold Jaffe


ISBN 978-1-959556-91-6      130 pages        $18.00


Jaffe’s convincing portraits of the dispossessed are moving, insightful glimpses of the human spirit under stress.

      NY Times Book Review


Harold Jaffe is a master of the disembodied voice. These fictions—transgressive, political, dryly comic—are grounded in an ancient tradition, that of the speech of the storyteller. Interlocutors talk as if out of dark caves, and the result is a marvel of conversation that takes the reader to places somehow beyond the “real world,” only to comment, often searingly, upon its absurdities.

     Toby Olson


If there can be no successful revolution without love, there can be no successful revolutionary literature without love either. These voices from the submerged population call us in, and we can’t resist them. They have a secret to tell us in their own accents.

     Fanny Howe

Harold Jaffe is the author of 30-plus novels, essays, short fiction, docufiction, and drama.

His writings include Porn-anti-Porn; Death Cafe; Induced Coma; 15 Serial Killers; Dos Indios; Anti-Twitter; Strange Fruit and Other plays; Jesus Coyote; Brando Bleeds; Madonna & Other Spectacles; and Beyond the Techno-Cave. His work has been translated into French, Italian, German, Japanese, Turkish, and Serbo-Croatian.