Lauri Robertson has written poetry for many years—Adrienne Rich was her mentor. Après, or “After”, referring to the convergence of the pandemic and #BLM is her 4th monograph. Lauri is a psychiatrist / psychoanalyst formerly on the clinical faculty of Yale Medical School. She lives in New Haven, CT and Pontlevoy, France.

Ça Existe!

ISBN 978-1-959556-39-8

84 pages             $16.00



ISBN 978-1-956005-74-5

164 pages          $16.00


In Concert

ISBN  978-1-952419-73-7

104 pages           $16.00


Where Do The Memories Go?

ISBN  978-1-952419-74-4

102 pages           $16.00


An Æsthetic of Stone

ISBN 978-1-952419-07-2

80 pages        $15.00