Mission Statement

Spuyten Duyvil

                                                           satisfies no demand in any market.


There is no intrinsic “need”

                                              for the avant-garde books


SD seeks to create and expand upon.



        Any “useful” titles are so because the work insisted on being such.


Spuyten Duyvil’s existence


                       presents honest and reality-based imaginative


texts to a readership that may or may not exist.


                           Our shot-in-the-dark efforts make any reception by live beings all the more salient and valuable.


Not knowing who’s in the audience, or whether this audience


                                    exists in the present or future, releases writers from writing for a specific tribe or campsite.


Such non-denominational experience

                               is freeing aura

                                              for the pulsing imagination of our era.


                                                                                                                 There is no map for the contemporary.


SD carefully selects writers who are serious creators and innovators,

              both emerging and longstanding voices.


We select art


                                                that entices us to seek new heights in ourselves


                                                                                         and in the world. Art that arouses the reach of our roots.


                                                   The purpose of SD is not to make money.


                                    Thank God/dess, or we'd sure be in the wrong business!


                                                                                                      The purpose is not solely altruistic either.


Profound meaning is found in stirring the ground for new voices to rise—

in crafting the flowerbeds for seeds of future culture.


                                         We find luscious meaning too in deadheading edits;

                     pruning the landscape aesthetically new for a skyey view.


                                                                                                                   Bright reach beyond the rank-and-file, dank planar, three-dimensional plain.


                                That knot in our trunk is actually our Third Eye.


                                                                       Read, to massage it open. The supreme hope

                                            is for a fecund feral openness.


                                                                                                Wholly grace. Many limbs,

                                                          many-leaved voices synchronously


                                            reaching out, and up, then reflecting in—


                                                                                      Below, the origin of the passage


                                for established expressions of thought and feeling,



                                                                       goes on long after the search for origins Above.