Poetics for the More-than-Human World

An Anthology of Poetry & Commentary

edited by Mary Newell, Bernard Quetchenbach, and Sarah Nolan


ISBN 978-1-952419-56-0     pbk.        546 pages         $40.00

ISBN 978-1-952419-30-0     hdc.        546 pages         $60.00


Dispatches Editions

     edited by Michael Boughn & Kent Johnson

Finalist for the 2020 Big Other Book Award for Poetry!



Dedicated to

Michael McClure (1932 – 2020)

and Jack Collom (1931 -2017)

whose passion for the calling of poetry and concern

for the more-than-human world inspired so many contemporary writers

Praise for Poetics for the More-than-Human World:


 This amazingly capacious and intelligent collection of poems and essays is the first extended work I know to take completely seriously where poetry comes from ... Eco-concerns make us hear multiple musics in endless varied assemblages that allow us to become attuned to the many kinds of intelligences that sponsor them.

 —Charles Altieri, Stageberg Professor of English, UC Berkeley


 This significant collection of the latest ecopoetic thinking and practice brings together a diverse representation of twenty-first-century poetry and commentary to speak truth to both the peril and hope of the present moment. The voices in this anthology—whether urgent cry or sibilant whisper—need to be heard ...

 —Scott Edward Anderson, author of Dwelling: an ecopoem


 This phenomenal gathering of writers makes a collective pledge that will serve a generation of readers. This anthology pauses the insufficient verbiage of environmental policy and regulation by borrowing language’s ability to imaginatively represent and alter how we speak about and frame current ecological challenges. These poems and essays widen the berth by which we understand, absorb, and begin to face with courage and hope the consequences of several centuries of inattentive human behaviors that have proven harmful to the planet. By displaying a complex of approaches and styles, the anthology points us to a greater regard for life with as much diversity and as manymanifestations as what is found on land, in oceans, and in the air.

 —Major Jackson, Richard A. Dennis Professor of English, University of Vermont


 ... a volume for everyone who loves our planet and reveres its extraordinary biodiversity and balance; it also informs us, as Tyrone Williams points out, of the connection between capital and ecology and of humans as the abstract figure of the global consumer accelerating climate change. These poems and commentaries encourage us to live more consciously and sustainably and, perhaps, propel us into necessary action to ensure it.

 —Karen Neuberg, author of the elephants are asking


This astonishingly capacious gathering is proof that the shadow of the Anthropocene is the biggest, darkest game in town (read: planet). The luminous delicacies of the human imagination seem kindled to a keener wattage here, as if the proverbial hive mind had summoned all these poets for an uncannily mutual resonance, like the sound of frogs around a pond: these poets ... invite new ways of listening, new ways of hearing what hearing can mean.

 —Jed Rasula, author of This Compost: Ecological Imperatives in American Poetry; Helen S.

       Lanier Distinguished Professor, Department of English, University of Georgia

Juana Adcock

Omar Al-Nakib

Will Alexander

Rae Armantrout

Tacey M. Atsitty

Stacey Balkun

Joan Baranow

Michael Basinski

Lesley Battler

Jeffery Beam

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge

Sally Bliumis-Dunn

Sean Borodale

Cindy Botha

Michael Boughn

John Bradley

Marc Brightside

Laynie Browne

Joseph Bruchac III

Oded Carmeli

Catherine Carter,

     Illustrated by Sara Method

Cara Chamberlain

Jack Collom

James Cook

Brenda Coultas

Thomas Rain Crowe

Bradley David

Deborah Davidovits

Janine DeBaise

Vivian Demuth

Adam Dickinson

Elizabeth Dodd

Lisa Fleck Dondiego

Edward Dougherty

Mark DuCharme

Rachel Blau DuPlessis

Marcella Durand

Daniel Eltringham

Clayton Eshleman

Amy Evans Bauer

Patricio Ferrari

Bradley Fest

Alexis Finet

Cheryl Fish

Ann Fisher-Wirth

Rob Fontini

Elizabeth Frost,

      Cynthia Hogue, Dianne Kornberg

Juan Carlos Galeano

David Greenspan

Catherine Greenwood

Megan Grumbling

Robert Head

William Heyen

Jane Hirshfield

H. L. Hix

Cynthia Hogue

Marybeth Holleman

Angela Hume

Brenda Iijima

Kent Johnson

George Kalamaras

Eliot Katz

Lynn Keller

Lissa Kiernan

Natalie Cortez Klossner

Petra Kuppers

Melissa Kwasny

Kyung Ju Kim,

     translated by Jake Levine and Soohyun Yang

Patrick Lawler

Gary Lawless

Ruth Lepson

Heller Levinson,

     with drawings by Linda Lynch

Andrew Levy

Anthony Lioi

Jady Liu

George Looney

Marta López-Luaces

Jack Martin

E. J. McAdams

Alick McCallum

Michael McClure

James McCorkle

Thomas McGuire

Andrew Melrose & Jen Webb

Nancy Mercado

Julian Mithra

Marcos Neroy

Bernard Noël

Valery Oisteanu

Peter O’Leary

John Olson

António Osório

Catherine Owen

Chris Pedler

Craig Santos Perez

Frances Presley

Kristin Prevallet

George Quasha

Kester Reid

Evelyn Reilly

Eléna Rivera

MG Roberts

Linda Russo

Mark Rutter

John Ryan

Jimmy Saekki

Sam Sampson

Andrew Schelling

Anthony Seidman

Ravi Shankar

Kelly Shepherd

John Shoptaw

Murali Sivaramakrishnan

Jonathan Skinner

Isabel Sobral Campos

Andre Spears

Margo Stever

Stephanie Strickland

Cole Swensen

Arthur Sze

Harriet Tarlo

Brian Teare

Orchid Tierney

Edwin Torres

Jean-Thomas Tremblay

John Tritica

Keith Tuma

Pauw Vos

Kathryn Weld

Laurie Wilcox-Meyer

Tyrone Williams

Morgan Grayce Willow

Daniel Wolff

Jeffrey Yang