Richard Martin is the author of Dream of Long Headdresses: Poems from a Thousand Hospitals (Signpost Press, 1988), White Man Appears on Southern California Beach (Bottom Fish Press, 1991); Modulations (Asylum Arts, 1998); Marks (Asylum Arts, 2002); boink! (Lavender Ink, 2005), Sideways (Obscure Publications, 2004), Strip Meditation (Igneus Press, 2009), Altercations in the Quiet Car (Lavender Ink /Fell Swoop, 2010), Under the Sky of No Complaint (Lavender Ink /Fell Swoop, 2013)  Fungo Appetite (unarmed chapbooks, 2014),  Buffoons in the Gene Pool (Lavender Ink /Fell Swoop, 2016), and Techniques in the Neighborhood of Sleep (Spuyten Duyvil, 2016).Martin is a past recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Literature Fellowship for Poetry, founder of The Big Horror Poetry Series (Binghamton, New York, 1983-1996) and a retired Boston Public Schools principal. He lives in Boston with his family.

Chapter & Verse

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Ceremony of the Unknown

ISBN  978-1-949966-78-7

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Goosebumps of Antimatter

ISBN 978-1-947980-04-4  pbk.     592 pages        $60.00

ISBN 978-1-947980-46-4  hdc.                               $75.00



Techniques in the

Neighborhood of Sleep

Richard Martin

ISBN 978-1-941550-81-6

$15.00        112 pages