Sine Wave

Thomas Phillips


ISBN 978-1-949966-63-3        120 pages           $16.00

“A tremendous stillness of the room grips the audience, some of whom anticipate the breaking of silence, it rushes into them before sounding, and they know even now there’s a perfection that underpins this moment, just prior to a woman speaking in the voice of her machine, feather light and shattering, that will endure on the margins of the concert and the darkness between gallery walls.”

Sine Wave is a sharp, concise study of music and death via the language, relative to the very particular music with which this novel is concerned, of lowercase fiction. Delivered on the fine line between the ludic and the sublime, it is ultimately concerned with a woman whose music ushers her through life and death in a manner that is at once elegant, embodied, and comically, buoyantly human.

Thomas Phillips is a novelist, composer, and teacher known for the minimalist aesthetic that informs his work. In addition to numerous music releases, installations, and collaborations in dance and theater, he is the author of novels, short story collections, and scholarly monographs, recent examples of which focus on literary horror and cultural theory. Having completed graduate work in Helsinki and Montreal, he currently lives in the US, where he teaches literature at North Carolina State University.