The Information Crusher

John Colasacco


ISBN  978-1-941550-47-2         $15.00        130 pages

The Information Crusher is a crushing novella that's not only haunting: it's haunted. You leave it and it lurks nearby. It follows you. It is still following me. I don't want it to stop.

     Ashley Farmer, author of Beside Myself and The Pharmacist


John Colasacco owns a marvelous probing voice; his writing is always inviting and surprising–a multiplicity of vivid tones, as if language consists of colors primed for revelation.

    Michael Burkard, author of Lucky Coat Anywhere and Envelope of Night


John Colasacco is equal parts savant, madman, and humanist. The fiction he writes for the page may very well be the biographies of individuals from a parallel universe. Colasacco is channeling something utterly unique and it would be foolish of you not heed his words. We'll all be living in his universe in no time.

     Michael J Seidlinger, author of The Strangest and The Fun We've Had

John Colasacco's books include Antigolf (Civil Coping Mechanisms 2015), The Information Crusher (Spuyten Duyvil 2016), and the forthcoming book-length poems Two Teenagers (Horse Less Press 2016) and The Wagners (trnsfr books 2017). He is a recipient of The Iowa Review award in poetry, and his poems and fiction have appeared in Hobart, Black Clock, Tarpaulin Sky, Gigantic, Sleepingfish, The Progressive, and elsewhere. Anyone interested in written/artistic collaboration can email at