The Secular Divine

cover art by Basil King

Joe Safdie


ISBN 978-1-956005-84-4         54 pages          $10.00


“I had originally intended to read the essay at the Louisville Conference in February 2022 as part of a panel called “Olson and the Secular Divine,” but the other panelists and I had a small problem: none of us really knew what that meant. One possible clue came from Olson’s “Proprioception,” where he warned that if we don’t see through seven “hinges of civilization” he laid out, “the present will lose what America is the inheritor of: a secularization which not only loses nothing of the divine but by seeing process in reality redeems all idealism fr theocracy or mobocracy.””

        Joe Safdie


Sara Safdie

Joe Safdie’s trail to Oregon included pit stops in California (San Diego, Bolinas, San Francisco, Venice Beach), Colorado (Boulder), Washington (Seattle) and the Czech Republic (Olomouc and Prague): now in Portland, he’s studying the language of trees. Previous books and their publishers include Mary Shelley’s Surfboard (Kevin Opstedal, Blue Press, 2008), Scholarship (Geoffrey Gatza, BlazeVox, 2014) and Coastal Zone and The Oregon Trail (Tod Thilleman, Spuyten Duyvil, 2016 and 2022).