Vagrant (One) in Thin Air

Karen Garthe

décollages by t thilleman


ISBN  978-1-949966-83-1         96 pages         $35.00


"Every page of this avant-garde work is a surprise, taking readers to visual, intellectual, and emotional extremes in innovative ways."

     Larry Smith in Rain Taxi

... it looks and feels like nothing...nothing standard "poetry" -- feels from moment to moment that it is going to change again in my hands. There are wonders everywhere. To say "blaspheme grasps/the hot core of mercy is all/up/hill" is almost to say what in the back of the mind feels like something said before, but what religious context. For me this is the most beautiful aspect of the book, how it becomes familiar, a familiar....  If you can produce this during such a dreary age as we have just endured for four years getting worse each year, well, this book, it suddenly occurs to me, is the antidote you have been secretly concocting.

                       Bin Ramke

            vagrant one in thin air

            fathom trinket rummaging parabolas

            drift kissing the circus of panic you step in

            the wound

            shrine filigree


                                     flyball over the moat

           Well, there you go    shimmering


Karen Garthe is author of the hauntRoad (Spuyten Duyvil), frayed escort (winner of the 2005 Colorado Prize), The Banjo Clock (University of California Press, 2012) and a chapbook Café between wars (Red Glass Books, 2014). Her poetry and essays appear in numerous print and online journals. She lives in New York City.

t thilleman is the author of some 30 books of poetry and prose, including Three Sea Monsters (Our History of Whose Image) in which journal entries and poetic sequences investigate the legacy of Pound’s redactions to Fenollosa’s original manuscript version of The Chinese Written Character as a Medium for Poetry; Snailhorn (fragments), a 360 poem cycle utilizing vedic transitions in celestial to allegorical articulation; and a novel Gowanus Canal, Hans Knudsen. His literary essay/memoir, Blasted Tower, was issued by Shakespeare & Co./Toad Suck in 2013. The Special Body, a second work of literary comment by Rain Mountain Press (2016). Anatomical Sketches, the first section of a longpoem in meditation anent paleontology / archaeology, is published by Madhat (2019).